Vascular Imaging
Company seeks funding for full product development and commercialization The Executive Team and Scientific Advisory Board are seasoned and accomplished, and currently focused on a vascular access, line-of-site, point-of-procedure, real-time, ultrasound guidance system. They’ve researched clinical usage, marketplace, and competition, predicted sales and market penetration, exhibited at conferences with strong indication of marketplace acceptance, and have a clear exit strategy in place. The product is patented and the company possesses strong and broad IP that is expanding, and anticipate rapid US, European, and Asian regulatory acceptance. The product has also matured through years of grant-funded research, and has produced two clinical studies and a long list of publications.

> The company is seeking $2.5M in Series A funding, to take the first product version to market and begin development of the second version.

Plastic Surgery
Privately held, aesthetic technology leader in the global $1.2 billion breast and body augmentation implantable market with revenue of $10m. Their products are demonstrably superior with strong IP and all ISO and EU approvals. Forty international distributors in place and the US is imminently being targeted with "disruptive technology". Competition is limited to a few players.. Manufacturing and Corporate headquarters are in Costa Rica (near Allergan) which is the #1 country for breast implant manufacturing and a recognized hub for aesthetic and high-tech medical with strong corporate tax advantages.

> Company seeks $5M for expanded manufacturing and commercialization.

Physical Therapy
Company seeks investors for the development and commercialization of the world’s first exo-skeleton, robotic walking device that enables a wheelchair user to stand up and walk, use stairs, navigate slopes, and have healthier blood flow while promoting wellness and wellbeing. No other product enables persons with no use of their legs to walk without crutches with designs for both physical therapy centers and individual home use. The Huffington Post chose it as one of fifteen technologies of the decade. Client is partnering with a Prime US defense manufacturer to both manufacture precision, low-cost products while commercializing the global military markets.

> Company seeks $5m. for product development, licensing, regulatory, and commercialization.


Company seeks $2m. for manufacturing and commercialization of next generation bone void filler. Product is a biocompatible absorbable magnesium phosphate compound with strong patents and FDA approved with broad medical applications in Orthopedics, Maxillofacial/Craniofacial, Plastic Surgery, Podiatry. Global Market potential of $900 MM for Initial Orthopedic Markets and over $3B+ for other potential applications. Dental Implant market valued at over $4.5 Billion by 2012. Dental Bone Graph market to exceed $266 million by 2012.
A global $600m. Orthopedic Company has licensed Company’s product for global shoulder/knee markets.

Vision Care
5 year old free form optical lens manufacturer seeks $2m. for expanded manufacturing and commercialization. Digital lens technology is anticipated to grow in the US market over the next 5 years to 40% of the yearly $130m. eyeglass lens manufacturing sector, allowing consumers more customization and a high definition visual experience. Company has proprietary manufacturing with high margins and attractive ROI.

Critical Care, Surgery
Early stage multi-bioanalyte monitoring Company seeks Series A $4.3M for development and commercialization of critical care monitoring system for a range of blood analytes (including glucose, lactate & pH). The initial technology will concentrate on prevention of glucose variability and avoiding dangerous hyper- and hypoglycemic incidents. The potential US market is $375 m, which is uniquely achievable by Vytrace’s breakthrough microsensor technology and using the proven “Nellcor model” approach. The technology uses a fiber optic with white light and a proprietary photonic crystal hydrogel sensor at the distal end. The sensor is based on a PCCA (Polymerized Crystalline Colloidal Array) of negatively charged polystyrene nanospheres suspended in a hydrogel. When the sensor interacts with glucose, a unique and patent pending chemistry facilitates additional negative charges which cause the nanospheres to further separate from each other. This changes the color of reflected light, which rapidly and reversibly conveys changes in glucose concentration linearly over the entire clinical range of glucose. The device has the advantages over current technologies in ease of use, precision, speed, and low cost of manufacturing.

Company seeks $2m. for Regulatory, Manufacturing, and Commercialization of proprietary, game changing technology (6 US/4 international patents) which makes restoration in dental implants safer, faster, more cost effective, and more comfortable compared to current dental implants which uses either screws or cement. US market potential of $2b.

Non-invasive Cardiology
Company seeks $12M for manufacturing and distribution of an Advanced Coronary Arterial Disease Scanning Device for identifying myocardial abnormalities. R&D and clinical validations (4 major clinicals) have been completed. In just 30 seconds the device performs a non-invasive screening that is simple, painless, cost effective, and has an 85% correlation (specificity) when compared to the current gold standard - expensive and invasive angiograms. In contrast, current ECG technology detects approximately 35% of patients with myocardial abnormalities. This is important when you consider that 65% of patients with myocardial abnormalities never exhibit any symptoms. Hence the name “the silent killer.” Product is ready for manufacturing and currently has European and Canadian CE Mark Approval and pending FDA approval in the United States (6 months).