The Medical Alliance specializes in arranging strategic transactions between our Clients and Corporate Partners to promote their growth, competitiveness, and overall shareholder value.

Our Clients range from early stage start-ups to medium and large cap medical technology companies. Our range is global. Our transactions may be in the form of funding, licensing (divesture/acquisition), OEM collaboration, or strategic distribution partnering.

With 30 years of experience in the medical technology arena, TMA understands the critical need for companies to continually create win-win partnerships while leveraging all available assets in order to compete effectively in our fast-moving healthcare industry.

Success Stories


Munich, Germany
Company has developed a patented treatment for subcutaneous skin tumors using an injected Indocynanine combined with a diode laser irradiation. This technology answers the need in dermatology for an inexpensive, MIV treatment of skin tumors. Licensing Partner

Manchester, England
Company has developed the SIA. which is the first of a new generation of ’smart spectral imaging’ techniques, where a mathematical model is used to compute tissue structure directly from spectral measurements. Each year the US spends $100bn treating cancer and SIA. is expected to be a potential diagnostic tool in about half of all life threatening cancers. In cancer care, a device that can identify disease at an earlier stage has a profound impact on treatment, mortality and cost. The Company has chosen dermatology for the first application for SIA. because skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US, and its high public awareness generates tens of millions of visits to primary care and specialist doctors each year. The first implementation of SIA, the SIAscope. is a high value medical imaging device aimed at the diagnosis of suspicious skin lesions in hospital dermatology departments. The Siascope has achieved FDA and EU regulatory approval and is available through a network of distributors around Europe and Australia. Licensing partner.


Tampa, FL
CardioCommand participates in the $5+ billion, double-digit growth in the cardiology device market. This market also enjoys favorable hospital and physician reimbursement. The Company manufactures proprietary, single use, non-sterile catheters and electronic stimulators. TAPTM (Trans-esophageal Atrial Pacing) provides clinicians with faster and safer treatment and diagnosis options for achieving optimum heart rate. Its technology combines safe heart rate control with breakthrough monitoring parameters to help minimize patient risk from known or unrecognized heart disease in both acute care and diagnostic settings. Trans-esophageal technology for cardiac pacing and recording has been validated in over 250 clinical studies worldwide and are in daily use in over 150 U.S. hospitals. Licensing partner.


Wantagh Inc.
Bristol, PA
Intends to market the IQ., an FDA-cleared to market, Medicare reimbursable, diagnostic device that allows doctors to measure cardiac output (blood flow generated by the beating of the heart) and other critical circulatory parameters intermittently or continuously, non-invasively and inexpensively. The IQ. allows physicians to make the diagnosis and assessment of cardiac status faster and more accurately, without the risks associated with .invasive. technologies such as pulmonary artery catheterization. The device has application in physician offices and in a number of acute care settings (e.g. ICU, emergency room and operating room. OEM Partner


Medical Imaging
Atlanta, Georgia
Diagnostic imaging service company specializing in the chiropractic marketplace providing on-site neurological and vascular testing. Company Financials: Net Revenues (collections) $4.5 million annual; Pre-Tax Earnings- $1.8 million annually. The Company is moving forward to include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) Scans in 2003 that, combined with historical growth projections, should conservatively generate projected net revenues of $7.0 million. Distribution Partner

Critical Care

Los Angeles, CA
Client is developing and will manufacture and market medical devices for the treatment of blood diseases. The company’s first product is the HemaCharge, which treats septicemia and acute renal failure (ARF). The company owns proprietary ultraviolet (UV) radiation to kill blood-born bacteria and fungi as well as offering unique filtration systems to decrease inflammatory mediators. Winners of the prestigious 2001 Medical Design Excellence Award. Licensing partner.


Tampa, FL
Low cost mobile EP system that provides multi-mode pacing and recording, including a 2-channel stimulation and a 15-channel recorder and a low energy defib for treating atrial defibrillation and ventricular fibrillation. Markets segments: surgery, ICU, stress testing, EP lab, and outpatient. Licensing partner.


Milvella Created a way of chemically removing the rouge cells that causes PCO and protecting the cornea. Instead of injecting a jelly that may absorb the chemical that kills the cells, they use a physical barrier so the cells may be removed w/o damaging other parts of the eye. Licensing Partner

Primary Care/Cardiology

Leeds, England
Measuring Heart Rate Variability ("HRV") has been proven to be one of the best risk predictors of heart-related disease and/or cardiovascular complications in diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Client's product is a unique HRV monitor using a 15 minute telemetric evaluation to identify patients at risk, even those presenting with a .normal’ ECG. Distribution Partner


San Francisco, CA
Gas Cryotherapy for musculoskelatal injuries. Clinically proven to increase efficacy in analgesia, anti-inflammation, vasomotor, and muscle relaxant. Distribution Partners

Surgery (General, OB-GYN, Plastic)

Access Mediquip
Houston, TX
20M national distributor of specialty spinal, neuro, and ENT implants. Company represents gold standard products and has developed a unique S/M program that reduces costs to the clinic, increases surgeon revenues, and improved ROI for payors. Company has also developed a highly differentiated distribution program that utilizes a direct- to- payor program. Distribution Partner

Surgery (Cardio-vascular)

Melbourne, Australia
the Company was formed in July 1997 to commercialize a range of medical polyurethanes for medical implants developed by the Cooperative Research Center for Cardiac Technology. The Company owns significant intellectual property rights. The goal of the Australian research group was to develop new polyurethane implant materials that combine the best properties of silicone and polyurethane (i.e. good mechanical properties, good biostability even in soft grades and ease of processing into devices). Additionally, they have a heart valve product using this leading edge material. OEM Partner

Surgery (Spinal)

Endospinal Kinetics
Manchester, England
Instrumentation, implants and intellectual properties for spinal implant surgery utilizing keyhole disc augmentation concepts, including proprietary disc implant products constructed out of a revolutionary improved material. Distribution Partner

Surgery (Pediatrics)

Boston, MA
IV Site monitor that detects fluid extravasations. This device detects fluid leaking out of the vessels and stops the flow. It can be used with all pumps in-line or with out pumps. This is important for caustic fluids such as cancer agents, radiology dyes and pediatric patients. The product detects at .2 mls. The equipment is a small site monitor, with a disposable microwave antenna (small chip), a special band-aid to fix in place and the needle delivery system. Animal studies have been successfully completed and the product is FDA approved. This product initially could be particularly interesting for the Pediatric Market and then on to the general adult market. Licensing Partner


Lubeck, Germany
The METAVET is a portable metabolic stress test system designed for testing performance horses during any kind of treadmill or field exercise. The MetaVet is based on the MetaMax technology, a well-established device used for metabolic measurements in human applications. Direct measures include peak flow, ventilation, O2 consumption, CO2 output and the heart rate. In addition, other valuable exercise parameters can be derived, VO2max, allowing the veterinarian or trainer to evaluate the exercise capacity of a horse and to adequately assess its fitness level. Main areas of application are: Evaluate the exercise capacity of a horse. Detect problems of the respiratory system at an early stage. Evaluate the response to medications and/or therapeutic measures taken to cure injuries and/or diseases of the respiratory system. Prevent over training or injuries during equine sports, prescribing safe and truly individual training programs. Optimise nutrition of a performance horse. Identify horses that are being considered for particular equine sports disciplines. Improve training results of performance horses by determining a safe and appropriate training intensity. Distribution Partner

Wakausha, WI
Fifteen-year old, publicly traded, 35M anesthesia monitoring company is offering a low cost/clinically viable gas monitoring system for the small animal market. This emerging US market is comprised of more than 35,000 vet clinics. Leading veterinary anesthesiologists are pushing for improved standards and leading veterinary clinics have raised the standard of care. Competitive issues are prime.