For 25 years, The TMA has recruited distribution channels for medical technology companies utilizing either agents, distributors, or manufacturers’ representatives. All are vetted, committed, and straight commissioned.

Our scope is national, covering all territories - primary or secondary. We work with Clients in developing the optimal distributor profile, commission programs, and sales agreements. We having mediated over 300 agreements.

Our tools are long-standing relationships, extensive databases, thorough research, and market segment expertise.

Prospective channel partners are either established independent contractors or proven sales reps starting new distribution businesses.

Say goodbye to sales shrinkage!

Channel Recruitment

Specialty Areas

• Aesthetics
• Vision Care
• Surgery (CV, Head-Up, OB/GYN, General)
• Cardiology
• Neurology
• Orthopedics
• Primary Care
• Critical Care (Respiratory, Anesthesia)
• Emergency
• Imaging
• Veterinary
• Home Care
• Neurology

Channel Management

Our Channel Managers are experienced in all aspects of channel development: planning, compensation, recruitment, contracting, training, reporting, and on-going sales management.